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we have application deadlines:

Fall semester (September-February): June 30th
Spring semester (February-July): September 30th
Whole academic year: June 30th

ACCEPTANCE as Exchange Student: The Sending University must to send to the Mobility and International Cooperation Office of Tuscia University the list of selected students by an official e-mail or letter.

You must fill in the 5 following documents (ask the International Relations Office in your university for help):

  a. Learning Agreement (click here to download the .pdf file);
  b. Transcript of Records of your previous study results (you can ask this form in your own university);
  c. Accommodation Form (click here to download the .pdf file);

Lacking this documents, you will NOT be accepted to study at Tuscia University.

PLEASE NOTE: All documents must be sent by ordinary mail or by fax (in this case you must deliver the original version by hand at your arrival) before the arrival to the Mobility and International Cooperation Office. If you have already sent this documents please do not consider this message.

Remember! The Learning Agreement must be stamped and signed by the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator and the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator.

 IF REQUESTED, once received the filled students’ documents we will also send a 'Letter of Invitation' to the students’ postal address. This procedure usually takes a few weeks.
• Please contact the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator at Tuscia University to get more information about courses, examinations or other information regarding academic matter.
• More information about the courses can be found in our university web-site. Be aware of the fact that all courses at Tuscia University are taught in Italian.


   a. Changes to Original Study Program (if you want change your previous Learning Agreement; click here to download the .pdf file);
    b. Extension Request Form (if you want extend your period of study at Tuscia University; click here to download the .pdf file);

PLEASE NOTE: The forms must be signed by Tuscia Coordinators and sent by fax to your Home Institution, so ask the Mobility and International Cooperation Office in Tuscia University for help you filling up these documents.


   a. Period of Stay Certification and Transcript of Records Request (click here to download the .pdf file);
These documents help Tuscia University Mobility and International Cooperation Office to prepare the final documents which close your Erasmus+ Period in our Institution.

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